Sunday, July 06, 2008

New vocabulary

Heather has some new words and some word wanna-bes (some are hard to
make out without context).

For example, it can be hard to tell daddy and doggy apart, so context
really helps with those especially since both are said often.

Mommy is a bigger part of everyday language now
Bunny, Butterfly, Bird and Bike are not clear but definitely there
Water "wa-ga", Kitty "ki-gee", Apple "bapple"
Sheeps say "baaa", horses say "neeee", Cows say "mooo", owls say
"hoooo", little piggies say "wee"

But we've had two examples this weekend (at least) of times that I look
forward to Heather having more words. Her arm was hurt on the
trampoline over the weekend, and it took a while for us to figure it out
using our powers of deduction. With a mostly ambidextrious toddler who
is prone to get fussy during clothing changes anyway, it took a little
while to realize that she was purposefully not using her right arm. All
seems to be fine now. She's still favoring her left arm, but it is
clear that her right arm doesn't hurt anymore and she has started using
it when playing or trying to get away from diaper changes. ;-) Ah, the
life of a toddler.

The other example was some issue with going to sleep tonight. Part of
it was because of a screwy schedule this weekend. She went to bed late
both Friday night and Saturday night because we had plans away from home
and she was extremely reluctant to fall asleep in the car. But at two
wake-ups were because she was thirsty. It takes 20 questions to figure
out what she needs. If she would just say water or drink, it would be a
lot faster to get her back to sleep. :-)

The couple of weeks are going to be crazy at work, busy preparing for
our second ever camping trip with Heather and going on said trip. I'll
try to keep posting, but no promises. I do have some pictures from this
past weekend to share, but it is dependent on the next few bedtimes
going smoother than tonight did.

If any readers think they might be interested in joining us for camping
(tent sites with running water bathrooms and showers nearby), let me
know and I'll send you the details! You could also drive up to the park
for a day trip while we're there for some hiking, swimming and good
campfire food.

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McGee Family said...

How awesome it must be to hear her call you! :)