Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tagged Again

Despite #4 on her list, I've decided to respond to Annie's tag anyway
and list 5 things I couldn't live without. I also have to agree with
her on two items, but I'll specify my reasons.

1 - My iPod - There are many times it makes my life much better. It
allows me to think about knitting both while I am knitting and when I
can't knit. I listen to a number of knitting podcasts and I have a
line-up of theater related podcasts to listen to when I get through the
knitting ones. It also allows me to watch movies of Heather and look at
pictures of Heather while I'm on the road, and I have a few TV shows on
there, too. Although honestly, I only use the video feature when I'm
traveling. I never thought I would ever use it.

The iPod is also important because there is a significant segment of my
music collection that is disliked by my spouse. :-)

2 - The DVR - Soooooo much better than a VCR and vital for any parent
who doesn't want to stop watching their favorite shows just because
there are rugrats in their lives. The only downside is the limited
space for HD programs, so sometimes it does put pressure on us to watch
our shows asap. I hope that an upgrade someday will ease that pressure.

3 - The child seat on R's bike - I love Heather and R, but there are
certain things that are a lot easier to accomplish when they aren't in
the house. Their bike rides give me 30-45 minutes of time to do the
things that I can't do while Heather is napping (vacuum upstairs, clean
up her room, put away her clothes). I know that they are both having
fun and I get a little productive time, so it is easier for me to relax
after Heather goes to bed.

4 - - You knew there had to be something about knitting on
this list. I considered mentioning my harmony interchangable needles or
my swift and winder, but I decided that they only make some projects
easier. Ravelry can and usually does improve every projects I work on.
I can connect with other people who've made something I'm working on and
ask about the pattern, the fit, the yarn, etc. I can search for a type
of project designed at the gauge I'm getting with my yarn. I can search
for projects by a designer I like. I can see what my friends are doing
and be inspired. And I am inspired to take pictures of all of my
projects and not just the ones for other people.

5 - The bus - I know that there are plenty of people out there who would
rather get a root canal than take public transportation, but I am not
one of those people. Driving in rush hour traffic stresses me out (even
in Pittsburgh where traffic isn't that bad compared to other cities).
I'm not a morning person, so my bus ride gives me a chance to wake-up
and prepare my brain to deal with work and my coworkers. When things
are busy, my commute is the only guaranteed time that I get to knit each
day (and listen to my knitting podcasts). And I've made friends on the
bus. I don't see them as often since my previous "regular" bus was
cancelled, but we keep in touch and I've had some nice chats with people
on my new regular buses.

I'm tagging Jen (Seedling of Knowledge), Michelle (The Spice Rack) and
Katie (Shades of K). Sorry for the low-tech tagging. I'm posting via

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R said...

Heather and I are glad we figure in your list somehow/somewhere :) :) :)