Friday, November 18, 2005

The Decorating Bug

I have been bitten again.

(Hopefully this post won't scare my husband too much.)

In my case, the decorating bug hit when I ordered fabric samples from Country Curtains. I have to say that I am very impressed with this feature. The thought of going from store to store to find the right curtains is not appealing (I'm very picky) and there is great fear associated with ordering curtains from online vendors (or even catalogs) sight unseen. If you go to the country curtains website, you can request up to ten free samples of their fabrics. This totally rocks! I have the convenience of ordering online (or by phone) without the fear of the fabric looking different than expected on arrival.

So now I know what curtain fabric I want to put up in every room on the first and second floor of our house (not including the bathroom). This not only makes me excited about ordering curtains and adding some color to our rooms...but it also makes me want to start painting. Several rooms are painted, but my new color plan makes me think that one room should be repainted and makes me glad that I haven't painted the kitchen cabinets yet, because I'm rethinking the direction I was going to take that room.

The sad part of this plan is that it includes less use of purple (and it's various shades) than I would have anticipated. But at the same time, I realize that none of these color schemes preclude the major use of purple within a room (a.k.a. my big purple couch). In thinking it through, it is probably good to avoid purple walls, considering the number of purple accessories I already own and am likely to receive in the future. Besides, my love of purple does not prevent my adoration of many other colors. And, in general, my favorite shades of purple are dark and rich, and having those on the wall would probably drive my husband to take away my paintbrushes.

Also, it might make the most sense to save a deep, rich color like purple for some part of the basement (when Rudy's office is no longer down there) since so little light penetrates the space anyway.

I just needed to get all of these thoughts recorded, so that I can go back to work without distraction. I need to leave on time today, so I can get out of town before the craziness of Light Up Night begins!

I think it will be a good weekend. Stuff at home tonight, Rockettes tomorrow, Harry Potter on Sunday...and there is a pumpkin pie and whipped cream in the refrigerator, so Rudy should be happy. If only we can find time for some driving practice...

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