Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Update

Friday evening I started another knitted Christmas present (which I finished Sunday night).

Saturday morning I had a wonderful massage. In the afternoon and evening I fluctuated between doing nothing and organizing things in my office and computer. It was gorgeous, so after walking over to the coffee shop for chai, I came home and opened windows for the kitties.

Sunday we slept in. Once we were up and about, I finally start working on the picture rail in the bedroom. I discovered the need for a few tools that were not immediately available. So instead of finishing the picture rail, I ended up going through the tool/paint area in the basement. I put up a set of shelves for all of the paint and paint supplies (it's been on my mental to-do list for a few weeks, but I hate being down there with the kitty litter smell) and went through all of the piles and shelves of stuff down in that room. Three garbage bags and a quarter roll of paper towels later, the unfinished area of the basement is a whole new place. There is still a shelf of stuff to get rid of, that we have to figure out how to get rid of, but the rest of what is left is all stuff we *want* and not just stuff that was left for us.

(Note to self: When we sell a house, don't leave a bunch of crap in the basement and garage for the new owners. It's just not nice or necessary.)

So I probably need a smaller masonry drill bit than the one I uncovered last night. So once I have that, I can finish the trim. Hopefully by this weekend, if not during it.

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