Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quick Update

Grandma is doing well. She has come a long way in a week, and honestly when we left the hospital on Saturday night she seemed totally fine. She stood for ~10 minutes while we said goodbye, her speech is normal and her comprehension is there. She will be in the hospital for rehab for as long as she and the doctor think it is necessary. It sounds like she doesn't mind the rehab, but wishes she could sleep in her own bed at night. Where she will go after this is still TBD - but I have a feeling she wil be going back to her apartment. There will just need to be some extra precautions put into place because she could have another TIA at any time. So no more driving and we'll probably come up with a schedule to make sure that someone talks to her every morning.

What happened last week was scary, but she seems to have recovered really well. Hopefully we have a lot more time to spend together. But I am very happy that I went to Ohio. Seeing her doing so well made me feel better and if something awful were to happen now, at least I have seen her. I'm still not ready to lose her...but I know that none of us (including the doctors) can really prevent future scares.

On the knitting front, I was planning to post pictures last night...but after Effie had taken over my lap I realized that my wireless card was upstairs. Meaning no access to the server where the pictures are stored or the internet where I would post them. Maybe tonight, if I can get eveything I need before I'm trapped on the couch. :-) I've been getting lots of xmas presents knitted, some of which are for people who don't read this...so there might be more than just photos of baby stuff posted.

My December 26th-31st vacation will probably involve getting lots of photos (knitting and otherwise) online. I always have hopes for that week that are just way too high...so I will try to keep my goals within reason this year!

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