Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I find myself occassionally in a quandry about how much personal information to post here. On one hand, the only people I've told about this blog are close friends (most of whom don't have their own blog to link mine to) and on the other hand *anyone* could be reading this.

I guess the balance has to be found in writing what I need to "get out" while still being careful.

I am concerned because my grandmother is not well. On Sunday, my paternal grandmother had a minor stroke and then another on Monday. At the point, we are told from my aunts and uncles that she is recovering well, she has made a lot of progress in the last couple of days - including talking, smiling, sitting up in a chair and telling my uncle that she doesn't like the neurologist. Sounds like the Grandma that I know.

So beyond the good news that she is recovering well and she has a great team of doctors and nurses looking after, the main reason for concern is that this is a chronic condition that the medical team can't keep from happening again. They are running tests, she is taking medicine, and she will be going to therapy...but another stroke cannot be predicted or prevented.

I am heading to Dayton on Friday, as are my parents. There is nothing specific that we will do, other than see Grandma and the rest of the family. Hopefully there is a lot more time to be spent together. But I can't help but think about how quickly Rudy's grandmother went from being stable to being unconscious...and then being gone. It's possible that I would be less anxious to go visit this week, had it not been for the experience with her earlier this year.

On a positive note, I had a fabulous time at a baby shower last night. I have taken pictures of the knitted presents, but they haven't been transferred to a computer yet. The mother to be was so appreciative that she started to choke up. Yeah! Pictures - soon, soon.

Now knitting progress on Christmas presents can continue without distraction. I love reason to go yarn shopping without guilt. ;-)

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