Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A blur

Things are a bit of a blur at the moment. I'm behind on sleep, there is a lot to do at home and a ton to do at work. I find myself using my bus rides to play solitaire or sudoku (I think it is a bit of escapism on my part) although there was some knitting over the weekend with my parents here and the usual sunday brunch. I've finished the body and one sleeve of the Tulip sweater that I started on the 13th. Good progress for someone that doesn't really have a lot of time to knit. :-)

Heather and I had a lovely playdate on Monday with Amanda, Eleni, Lisa and Eliana. I didn't take any photos (I know, bad mommy), but Heather enjoyed her visit with Bella quite a lot. She giggled watching her run around the room and most of the times that she was licked. She didn't even seem to mind very much when Bella licked her right on the face (is this really my child?!). We all started with a nice lunch at Eat'n Park where Heather ate well despite her cold and then we hung out at Amanda's for a little while. It was our first playdate where Heather was the oldest child there. Kind of fun to be the one answering all the questions instead of asking them for once!

Nights have been somewhat difficult lately. I think it is primarily due to Heather's cold and maybe tooth #4. Although I think it is more about the cold because she's woken up with tylenol in her system and that usually takes care of teething pain. I'm trying to go to bed early and not freak out about it. I'm not good at going to bed early...but I decided that lying in bed from 9:30-10:30 is better than going to be at 10:30 even if I don't get that extra hour of sleep I was aiming for. Rest is still rest.

Heather still isn't walking, but there have been several more instances where she has stood for a couple of seconds or taken a couple of quick steps. She's also happy to walk around the house with us for long stretches (only holding one hand, instead of two), so I think once she decides that she can walk there will be no stopping her.

No, we haven't ordered gates yet. It's on the long to do list that keeps getting put off because I need extra sleep. That and sending out the invitations to her birthday party. Hopefully everyone we're inviting doesn't have plans on February 9th from 4-6pm because I don't know if the invitations will get in the mail before this Saturday... ;-)

I must finish my lunch and get back to work. My managers are traveling tomorrow and I want to finish a few things for them to take with them!

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