Friday, January 25, 2008


1 - Birthday invitations are in the mail.

2 - Presents that need to be sent for Christmas, an October baby and three birthdays (*shame*) and two gifts to be returned to amazon were sent with R today for mailing.

3 - A gauge swatch for a sweater for me has been started. I'm not sure what the pattern will be yet. I decided that there are enough patterns I want to make that I will see what gauge I get when I like the feel of the fabric, and then look for patterns with that gauge. I can do this easily in Ravelry, right?

4 - The second sleeve of the Tulip Sweater has been started. I predict that the knitting will be done by the end of the weekend, but I'll still have ends left to weave in next week. And I'm really glad I bought more of the border color than what came in the kit because I'm definitely going to run out.

Heather still has a cold, but she only woke up once last night and didn't need the marathon nursing session she's been prone to lately, so hopefully that means that she is on the mend. I will not miss the fight to clean the dried snots off her nose each morning and night when she is healthy again! But a minute after finishing the morning face wash she loves me again, so it can't really be that bad. ;-)

R turned the timers off that light the Christmas trees each night and Heather has shown less interest in them recently, so hopefully we can take the trees down this weekend without any backlash.

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