Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mood and Milk

I started a blog post like this yesterday...

"I'm really, really, really trying to move beyond my crankiness.

Granted, I probably have a right to be cranky. Even before the thrush I felt like I was barely holding it together and this new 'fun' has added another layer of things that 'have to be done'.

But yet, I'm also really lucky. I have a very happy and mostly healthy baby, and we have been able to breastfeed for almost a year (and we're still going). I have a wonderful husband who has been very helpful and supportive (especially lately). I have a good job that I enjoy with nice coworkers and good clients. I have so many friends both in and out of Pittsburgh that I can't possible see and knit and talk with them all as much as I would like...or even as much as I should. My grandmother has recently made a fabulous recovery and my other two grandparents seem to be doing well."

And then I didn't know what to write.

I guess the point I wanted to make is that I'm trying to be very aware of my mood and how I interact with others. Even my boss made a passing comment about me being cranky (he wasn't being mean), and that's really not the "Amy" I want to project to the rest of the world. So, I'm allowed to be annoyed about things. I'm allowed to be tired and overwhelmed. I just don't want to allow myself to let it take over my life.

Some other tidbits:
- Heather stood on her own for 5-7 seconds last night. I'm not sure if she even realized it. She let go with her steadying hand so she could open her Elmo book. Later R was helping her stand and letting go, and she seemed to think that was pretty fun. We may need to come up with make-shift gates if we don't get on the ball soon and order some. :-)
- I cast on for "Ivy" last night. It's a wrap cardigan pattern from Knitty. I've got two cones of Jaeger Wool Silk (I have no idea how many yards/cone, but I'm sure it will be enough) and I had to buy a new circular needle. In my desperation to start asap I bought a metal needle. I hope I don't regret that decision.
- The Tulip sweater is close, but not done. I have to wind the extra skein of border yarn in order to finish the knitting.
- I would not wish thrush on my worst enemy. I hate feeling like a germaphobe and I hate pumping now more than I did before. We will see whether I make it another week.

Lastly, a quick question for the moms and pediatricians who read this. I plan to stop pumping at work next week and once we get the go ahead for whole milk, Heather will just get that at daycare instead of EBM and formula. I still plan to nurse morning, evening and overnight (as needed) for some time frame yet to be determined. (I'm not anxious to wean, but I don't want to go on for years or consider tandem nursing). When I travel for work, do you think R is going to need to give her bottles of EBM or formula? Or will she just eat more solids when I'm not around? Any advice or thoughts? My next trip is right after her birthday, so I'm sure he'll need milk then, but I'm more curious about what to expect in March or April. Thanks!


Julia said...

My doctors' advice was that after the 1st birthday, 24 oz. of milk per day, with the rest of her calories and nutrition coming from table food. I personally wouldn't do formula if you've been EBF'ing, but that's just me. Talk to your doctor. And good for you for working and bf'ing! A lot people can't handle it - it's TOUGH!

Also, I feel for you on the thrush issue. Been there, done that. Don't care to visit again. Take care!

Anna said...

If she will tolerate the milk, just go for it and cut out the formula. Henry didn't tolerate it well at first, and the horse had been let out of the barn wrt weaning before we realized that, so he went back to one or two sippy cups of formula while we gradually ramped the milk back up.

And vent away! Thrush at the 11.5 month mark seems like such a grave insult.

DrDrama said...

My thought is that after the "all clear" for cow's milk, I would just let her feed on demand. I like the thing I saw on kellymom where the stance was "don't offer and don't refuse". That is sort of how our babe naturally stopped on her own. After her b-day I would probably just do EBM, BF or cow's milk and not throw formula into the picture. H is a pretty smart baby. She will figure it out. I am so impressed that you have BF for this long!

Michelle said...

Just wanted to say great job, Amy!