Friday, January 11, 2008

Knitting, Walking and Food

1 - First about me. I'm struggling with the knitting a little bit. I still really want to work on a sweater for me. But I get to the point in the evening (like now) where my choice is either to go to sleep or do something for me. I've been tired enough that the thought of planning out a sweater is a little too much for 10pm. I have hope though. Heather has slept through the night the last two nights (*Knock on wood*), so maybe there is a more rested Amy in my future.
I'm still working on the Patchwork Tortoise for Heather. I'm working on the patches now and should easily finish them before knitting or Sunday, or at least in the first hour that I'm there. I don't want to spend the get together seaming, so I need to get something else on the needles.
I started swatching for the Tulip cardigan. Santa brought me the kit for Christmas. If I don't make the time to start a sweater for me before Sunday, then this will be my next project.

2 - Heather isn't walking yet, but she's still painfully close. She's moved up to the older infant room at daycare, and she's the only one in the room not walking, so it is certainly just a matter of time. She can climb the steps by herself (with someone behind her, of course, as a safety net), push the wagon by herself and cruise all over the place.
Her eating has reached a new level, too. Since the new year, she's eaten pasta with sauce, grilled cheese and shared some of my chicken, rice and broccoli casserole. Sometimes she won't pick up and eat things when they are first offered, but will come back to them later. And other times she'll eat her fruits and veggies from the spoon even when she won't pick them up herself. Last Sunday at brunch, she ignored her apple chunks on the table, but was happy to eat them from my hand later. She also ate quite a bit of potato, egg and cheese from my breakfast.

It seems like there was more I wanted to post, but my mind is blank. Must be time to go to bed.

Fingers crossed for another long and quiet sleep!


Anna said...

I loved that pre-toddler stage when Henry would eat everything with such pleasure. Enjoy it!

Speaking of food, I meant to respond to your wish to make dinner more often. At the risk of being laughed at, can I suggest Rachael Ray's 365 book? It has recipes in it that are actually good and fairly easy to get on the table quickly (not in 30 minutes, because unlike Rachael Ray, I don't have assistants to do all my prep work for me, but still pretty close to that).

I've also been using the Everyday Food cookbook, which is a Martha Stewart company. Very good, simple, seasonal food. I've not made anything bad from it yet.

Amy said...

I'll keep those suggestions in mind.

Honestly, I have *so* many cookbooks that I don't use, I feel like I need to take some time to look through what I have before I buy more. :-) I've also found several good recipes in Annie's cookbook so far.