Saturday, March 29, 2008

For Andrew

I'm trying not to limit my posting about knitting progress to ravelry, since I know not all of my readers are members. So I will at least post a few photos of my latest finished object.

This is my first baby surprise jacket (designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman). For those unfamiliar, it is worked entirely in one a way that you don't really know where you are in the sweater as you knit it. Now that I have done it, I have a little better idea of how it works, but I still don't know if I understand it well enough to make any modifications.

Honestly, as it is all garter stitch and doesn't have a lot of shaping, just some pairs of increases and decreases, I don't find myself anxious to make another one. It is fine get together knitting, but too boring for the bus and I don't like that you can't "see" what you're doing as you go. Most people I know find the pattern to be clever and intriguing, so don't avoid it just because I'm not fond of it. :-)

I will also add that I LOVED working with this yarn. It was purchased at the Pittbsburgh Knitting and Crochet Festival from the Brooks Farm Yarn booth. This is their superwash wool. The color is spectacular and it was lovely to knit with.

I find myself interested in both starting and finishing more knitting projects. (I think this is partially influenced by listening to Stash and Burn.) So I've been making a little more time to knit in the evenings and trying to split my time between casting on and working toward the cast-offs of existing projects. The last two nights I started a pair of fingerless gloves and a toddler sweater. Both will be gifts.


cara said...

lovely photos! something i have yet to do with it... we have worn it once :) but i plan on taking a few photos of him IN it. i'll post those when that happens :)

thank you again, we really love this sweater and i think i want to attempt to make one as well.

Michelle said...

what a timely post, I just started my first BSJ today! can't wait to see Andrew in it!

Beth & Dave said...

The jacket looks beautiful!! I purchased some yarn from that booth, but I think it was different. Too much stash to recall without checking (but the name is familiar). Andrew will no doubt look wonderful!

Anna said...

I'm glad you posted that because Ravelry doesn't show when projects have been finished in the "friend activity" page (which I think is a real flaw!) and I wondered how it turned out.

I don't think I got the Brooks Farm superwash, unless that's the solana? They're going to be at Md Sheep and Wool, so I can stock up on this.

McGee Family said...

Your knitting is just amazing. I love that turtle. I keep meaning to get back to knitting. I probably forgot the few little things I learned. sigh.
To respond to your comment... the questions / comments people say are amazing. First of all, I don't think relative strangers should ask if you're breastfeeding. It's none of their business. Second of all, if you want to ask a question, ask ME or my husband, not my mother-in-law (who has no clue about breastfeeding). And third of all, don't pass judgment if you have NO clue, such as saying how "weird" breastfeeding must be for my husband. UM... NOT weird. So frustrating. And people have already asked how long I plan on doing "that". Hello?!?! She's THREE WEEKS OLD! Phew. Thanks for letting me get all that out. :)