Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday update

I did stay a little late at work last night, but thankfully I am not working this weekend. In my pre-Heather days I probably would have gone in this weekend to deal with the overabundance of work on my plate. But it will have to wait until Monday. I'm hopeful for a focused and productive week. My fingers are crossed that no one gives me any more work. :-)

My trip to Bradford this past week was good. The public forum went well and the rest of our meetings were generally positive. It's sad that I'm now even further behind with meeting minutes. So I might "try" to work on them in the evenings after Heather goes to bed to get caught up. I might.

Heather and I were going to attend a playdate today, but it was only going to work if it was a one-nap day since it started at 11am. At 10am she started to get tired and trying to keep her awake caused a meltdown at 10:30. So no playdate for us. Considering that there was freezing rain followed by snow falling 90 minutes later I'm not totally upset to stay inside. Although we still need a first birthday present to give at brunch tomorrow, so i might need to brave the weather for a few minutes.

I've done a little straightening up, but I'm actually using Heather's napping time today to start to work on our taxes. I at least want to get to the point that I can figure out what information I'm missing and maybe come up with a rough estimate of how our federal taxes look. And after that, I'll hit the thank you notes that I'm determined to finish this weekend. Most of the things from last week's to do list are still outstanding...but I don't want to wait to do our taxes until the last minute again this year. Plus, my parents are coming in two weeks and I would love to have my dad review them since I've never used the childcare tax credit before. There is still the chance that I could do some cleaning during tomorrow's naps. ;-)

On the knitting front there is a little sad news. I realized yesterday that I made a mistake on the right front while working on the left front. I repeated the cable pattern two times too many. I didn't have any option but to rip back to my mistake. So now I have a completed back and about 5 inches of both the left and right fronts. Oh well. It was better than having to rip out the back which has many more stitches per row!

Hmmm. The snow is blowing harder now. I might be going out for that birthday present tomorrow morning...

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