Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A few Heather updates

Sitting in mom or dad's lap is only an acceptable activity if (1) Heather is being fed, (2) Heather is surrounded by strangers and feeling a little clingy for the first 10-15 minutes in some new situation, (3) Heather is asleep, (4) Heather is having lotion applied by daddy (she doesn't stay still as well for me, go figure), (5) Heather is being read to or (6) Heather is nursing. In any other circumstance there is really no reason for her to sit still.

We are pretty sure that Heather is saying "outside" (a-wa), "woof" (woo) when she sees a dog and she is saying "more" (mo) many times when she signs it. I think I heard her say "night" yesterday and "apple" over the weekend, but I couldn't get her to repeat them. Her babbling is diverse and continuous, so I really expect that one week she's going to double or triple her vocabulary.

We have a meeting next week about her move to the toddler room at daycare. We'll get to meet the teachers and hear about how they structure their day. Miss Laura has already confessed to R that she's going to miss Heather a lot. Awwww. Who can blame her?

We see bits of tantrums here and there when Heather doesn't get what she wants. But we are thankfully still in the stage where she is easily distractible and the fits are short lived. Don't know what we will do yet when little miss strong and stubborn can't be distracted.

Several times when we were out walking this weekend, Heather was holding R's hand. She stopped, turned to me and put out her other hand for me to hold. Awwwww. She also likes to "Row, row, row your boat" with each of us holding one of her hands.


I've done the initial blocking of Ivy and started the sewing up! I hope to spend Sunday playing with Heather and knitting, so if I don't get to wear my new sweater on Mother's Day, I at least expect to have time to finish making it. :-)


Michelle said...

oooh, can't wait to see your Ivy!
Also, we started keeping a list of Amelia's words on the fridge so we can see how many she adds to it every so often. The language acquisition is something that really fascinates me and is so fun! Go Heather!

Amanda said...

She is becoming such a big girl! I can't believe she is moving up to the toddler room already.

Can't wait to see your sweater!

McGee Family said...

She is growing so quickly. I am looking forward to hearing what new words she'll be saying next. :)

Beth & Dave said...

What a big girl! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!!