Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Many, many of the words and sounds coming out of Heather's mouth for the past week have started with a "B" sound. For one day, everything was "baba". Yesterday and this morning, everything was "baby" (said with a southern drawl). A couple of days ago "bye-bye" was repeated over and over. And on Saturday we heard the word "bear" for the first time and then repeated all afternoon. (Also pronounced with a southern drawl.)

Other favorite B-words are "bah-yoon" (balloon), "bubbles", "ball" and just "ba" which seems to indicate any of the previous or can be just a general word of indication with a point.

She is also saying words that seems to be "mine", "nice" and "night night". (The last two being hard to distinguish from each other sometimes. Is the dolly "nice nice" or is the dolly going "night night"? Not clear.)

She also sometimes responds to Cock-a-doodle doo, with "doo doo" and will sometimes say "moo" when she sees a cow. And sometimes she makes a "shhh" sound when we see fish.

Words definitely seem to come and go. We haven't heard "woof" or guttural syllables similar to "doggy" for about a week, and she's been saying "hi" less and "bye bye" more. There are also words that we've heard once or twice that we haven't heard again (apple is the one that comes to mind, but there have been others).

She still doesn't really call us mommy and daddy, but she will point to us on command and clearly knows who we are. She also knows my parents as Grandma and Grandpa and doesn't yet know that there are multiple grandparents. When we referred to her great-grandparents over the weekend, she would look at or bring things to my parents. Not a problem, it is just interesting to see how that little brain works. And it makes sense since we see my parents more often.

Before it gets much longer, here is the current list of regular words and possible words:
Hello (into phones almost exclusively)
Night night


Michelle said...

I love that WHOA is on the list! It's so funny, HI just entered our list this week and we certainly have words that are similar (diaper, paper and pepper) and I love the words that are just like the first half of the word! the funniest thing about the grandparents is that if we are in a restaurant and an older man with gray hair has his back to Amelia, she'll point and say "buhpa" which is her Grandpa! Same thing in books, if there is an older man with glasses! It cracks me up!

McGee Family said...

Heather is so beautiful, and she is growing so quickly. How much fun you must have with her!