Monday, May 26, 2008

Social weekend - Friday

I took the day off on Friday to prepare for our trip to visit family over the weekend. Since we wanted to have a low key day at home and I wasn't going to get any packing done outside of Heather's nap, we decided to invite a friend over for a playdate.

This was our first one on one playdate with The Boss and we both had a lovely time. A snack, a trip to the playground and then a ladies lunch at our local coffee shop.

Heather's afternoon nap wasn't quite as long as I had hoped, but I manged to get most of the packing done and finished the rest while she toddled around the first floor. We headed outside to expend a little more energy before getting trapped in the car all evening and found a neighbor who was doing some planting. After some initial clinginess, Heather decided to 'help'.

After 90 minutes on the road we stopped for some dinner at Bob Evans. Heather ate so much and so quickly the other patrons might have thought that we have been starving her. Another favorite restaurant activity is playing with the straw instead of drinking the milk through it.

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jen said...

Finn also loves to play with a straw in the lid - such wonderful sounds he can make!