Monday, June 02, 2008

Anniversaries and $10

1 year ago this week, Heather started at daycare.

9 years ago yesterday, I started at my current job.

2 weeks from now is our 5 year anniversary in our house. No big party this year, sorry.


At the neighborhood yard sale mentioned in my last post, I did very well. I walked around with only a little money in my pocket and was picky about what I was willing to get.

At the only yard I went to with Heather and R, we got a toy for Heather for $5.

On my own I spent $10 and had a pretty good haul. I could have gotten more, but limited myself with the money I had and with the fact that I traveled entirely on foot! (you might see a pattern here):

10 pairs of pants for Heather
1 pair of overalls for Heather
2 shirts for Heather
1 holiday dress for Heather
3 books for Heather
1 wooden stool for Heather
15 used acrylic paints for me (but hopefully to finish Heather's mural)
1 skein of gray wool for me
3 pictures frames for our somewhat empty walls

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