Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday thoughts

Just checking in with a list as a break during a busy day.

1 - I've been more motivated to knit than clean lately. (Shocker) So I should have some FOs to blog about this weekend. Including the February baby sweater that I bought buttons for on Tuesday.

2 - I took an intarsia class with Lucy Neatby on Tuesday. It was fabulous! I'm not a huge fan of many intarsia patterns - I don't want a sweater with pictures on it or bold geometry, but I do like argyle, baby things with pictures and pillows/toys/etc with graphic patterns. I learned a lot and am already practicing by modifying the stripy ball pattern to be knit as intarsia instead of six pieces that have to be sewn together. I ordered two of Lucy's DVDs and one of her patterns at the end of class.

Like Annie Modesitt, Lucy encourages knitters to be brave, to experiment, to be smart about reading patterns and not to be intimidated by new things. I really liked her discussion of breaking down patterns and figuring out what makes sense and when the pattern was written in a way to benefit the publisher or the yarn manufacturer instead of the knitter. I find it very valuable to hear in the opinions of those "in the industry" and my resolve to take local classes taught by national designers was bolstered by my experience on Tuesday. If only I could have taken Wednesday off too, to take her other class. :-)

3 - My respect for single parents has always been strong, but Heather and I are on our fourth day of being on our own and I'm pooped! It is partly because I'm not always smart about going to bed when I should. But it is also the fact that there is no down time for a single parent. The time before Heather wakes up is spent showering and dressing myself. And after she goes to bed, it is the time to clean up from dinner, do chores and (if I was smart) go to bed earlier.

The hardest thing to balance is trying to keep an eye on her while making dinner. She's relatively safe in the dining room and living room, but I have to check in on her if she wanders out of my line of sight. And there are times when she wants me to be with her instead of being in the kitchen.

4 - Work is busy. Less so than it was, but still very busy. Things might get lighter in August, although I don't know what's coming after my current projects wrap up.


Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

Hi Amy!

I wanted to take that class too! I wish I would have now!

I know what you mean about the "line of sight" - it was so much easier when I could put the baby down and she wouldn't move!

McGee Family said...

It would be so difficult to be a single parent. On days that I am alone with M due to K's work schedule, I feel totally exhausted! You are a knitting goddess.

Chris said...

Such lovely children. How close in age are they? I had 4 kids in 4 years. They are grown with kids of their own now. In fact I have 10 grandkids. The years fly by. Enjoy those loaned treasures while you have them.