Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Melon Scarf

I've decided that all of my commute and bedtime knitting this week will be on the Melon Scarf. I've got a little while until I need to have another baby gift done, so my options are open to work on what I want to work on right now.

I started this lacy scarf quite a while ago, specifically to be a good travel project for work. All I have to take with me is the chart and the knitting attached to my one large ball of yarn. The needles are wood circular (always plane friendly, if anything is) and it provides enough interest for multiple hours of knitting in a row. It was pretty slow when I started, but now that I have the 6 row pattern in my brain, it moves along with more rhythm.

I'm nearing the halfway point on the main rectangle, and now that I can see how pretty it is going to be, my enthusiasm for the project is returning. Working on the same project all the time really leads to more immediate satisfaction and excitement about a project (duh). I don't expect that I'll turn into a one project at a time knitter, but there is some advantage to limiting the number of projects on the go to maintain excitement about them.

I think once I get to the 3/4 point on the rectangle I will be so excited about knitting the lace border that I won't be able to put the thing down. :-)

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Amanda said...

Horray for knitting just one thing!