Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zoo Playdate

Heather and I met up with Amanda & Eleni, Jen & Finn, Annie & Marcus & William, and Cara & Max & Andrew (whew!) at the zoo on Friday. I wish I had more vacation days to take for play dates, but I suppose we have to spend some vacation time with daddy, too. :-)

It was hot, but the breeze was nice and we all survived. Lots of water, lots of sunscreen and the knowledge that we moms could shower as soon as the kids went down for a nap.

Not too many pictures of Heather with the animals since this was my view most of the day.

We got there a little early and the carousel wasn't open yet, but we waited patiently.

Max wasn't really sure about this play date idea.

Hanging out by the lion den.

Checking out the fish

A rare photo of two toddlers standing still...for just a moment... (when did Finn get so big?)

Plotting her escape

EJ stands up just like the toddlers. :-)

It was an exhausting day


Lisa said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!!

Amanda said...

Awww, you got some great pictures!

cara said...

we had a lot of fun :) i felt bad for taking off after lunch but i had had enough of the heat and needed to cool off a bit...

we should try to go again soon. i have a family pass so i want to make sure that i use it :)

McGee Family said...

What a cute little dress! Looks like you all had a great day.

Beth & Dave said...

Looks like a fantastic time! This is the stuff memories are made of! Stay cool!!