Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lots to do

And not enough hours in the day.

Good progress is being made at work, but there is always more to do. And it feels fairly impossible to stay focused on one task for more than a few minutes before I get interrupted by something else. I realize that this is not unusual, and in many ways not really news-worthy...but I can only allow myself to stop working for a few minutes to type this, and it is just easiest to let my writing flow with what is at hand.

I finally called VVA to come pick up our donation of clothes, etc. Now all we need to do is load up the car with the bags of paper recycling and the foyer will be uncluttered again. At least now Stewart's favorite means of climbing onto the porch of the dollhouse is gone. :-)

I found a pattern for that cabled vest, and so far I like it. Maybe this will finally be a project for which I will post pictures of something before it's done. Or maybe it will be a project that I make for myself and actually take pictures of it...

Work calls.

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