Thursday, January 12, 2006

Online Shopping

I don't know what I like better.

a) The ability to shop and browse while sitting on the couch in my pjs.
b) The ability to shop at the moment I remember that I need/want something instead of waiting the weekend to go to a store.
c) The day that your purchase that you had kind of put to the back of your mind arrives and you get the thrill of actually having the new item in your possession.

I was able to do some online shopping in the week after Christmas. A few days ago I got a couple of new CDs that I'm now enjoying on my iPod and the three Harry Potter DVDs that I hope to watch a bit of this weekend...maybe. Today, the rest of the curtains for the second floor came. I'm excited to get them put up to help our house feel more "put together" and to inspire me to do some more painting. The fact that I'm not expecting to work on a show until this summer makes me hopeful that I can spend some time working on the house this spring. (At the moment, the only thing really preventing this is too many late nights at work...but this should lighten up next week and be more sporadic through the rest of winter.)

If there are any long distance friends reading this, and you're thinking of planning a trip to our area this year, I reccommend you be here the weekend of June 17th. And keep Saturday night free. :-)

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