Wednesday, February 15, 2006


In case any non-knitters thought I was crazy when they read my Monday morning post, there really is an organized Knitting Olympics. And there are 4048 knitters participating. (There are only 2500 athletes in Turino, although the knit-letes don't have to qualify to participate).

There was even a brief mention of it in TIME magazine...although the article calls it crochet in the opening paragraph and refers to the knitters as "couch potatoes", so the article didn't really induce any pride or do anything for the general impression of knitters. (In my world, a couch potato does not do anything other than eat while being lump-like and watching TV. A knitter burns more calories, not many but more, and is using more cognitive function to do two things at once.),9171,1158953,00.html

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