Friday, February 24, 2006

Focus Issues

I have a lot to look forward to this weekend.

I've borrowed a movie from a friend that I've wanted to see for a long time (Love Actually), I have tickets to see "Wicked" tomorrow afternoon with dinner plans afterwards, and Sunday is a knitting get together. I'm also looking forward to sleeping in, because we got home past our bedtime last night (a 3+ hour dinner will do that).

I'm ready for it to be 5pm so I can get home and get my weekend started.

But I am still enjoying learning the 3D modeling software. It is frustrating at times, but when I figure stuff out it looks really cool. I'm hopefully that I can find some exhilaration in it today to help the day move by quicker.

I apparently forgot to turn off my iPod the last time I finished using it, and it ran the battery down before shutting off by itself. :-( So listening to "Wicked" is not a possible way to make the day go quicker.

Knitting - I've been forcing myself to stay focused on the orange cabled vest. Even though I'm getting a little bored with it, I'm telling myself to keep working on it in the spirit of the Knitting Olympics. I'm only about 40 rows from the front armholes, at which point the decreases will provide some interest and make each row go faster. And this week has been a week of wearing new clothes, so hopefully I can finish the vest about the time that the novelty of the new purchased clothes wears off...

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