Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not much to say

I realize that it's been a week since I've posted....but I don't know that ya'll are missing out on any information.

Thursday night we had a community meeting. It seemed like lots of people had lots to say. The organization itself isn't doing a whole lot at the moment, but there is a lot going on politically and in the schools. I'm hopeful that someone will run against our local state rep - he's too entrenched in the state political machine. He voted for the 2am pay raise, he took the raise and he's against reducing the size of the legislature.

Friday night we talked about going to a movie, but our only option was 9:40, and that just seemed too late.

Saturday was spent with a knitting friend. We went to two yarn shops - one I had been to before and where I had a gift certificate to spend and another that has been open for 6 months but this was my first visit. They're both really nice, but the new one is *huge*. They have a great selection and a lot of room to spread it out in. I bought some bamboo yarn for socks - we will see whether this is a good sock fiber - at the new shop. At the other I bought two books, both having fair isle patterns and directions, which is one of the next skills I want to learn. The new shop is supposed to have a class in fair isle sometime in march.

Sunday I got out my cello to see if I can handle the cello gig I was offered. Not surprisingly, I'm very rusty. I know that I *can* do it, it is just a question of how much time I really want to spend practicing in the next month. A knitting friend has a husband who is a cellist. I've passed the offer along to him as a way of avoiding actually making the decision myself.

Otherwise, I've just been trying to take care of things that have been sitting around in "to do" piles for much too long. I finally mailed some christmas pictures this week and am updating our address spreadsheet so that I can throw envelopes from christmas cards away.

I've started the front of the orange cabled vest (that I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about) and I'm a few rows from finishing cuff #1 of the gray alpaca socks.

Oh, and at work I'm learning some 3D modeling software. I think the software is pretty good, it's just been a long time since I've learned a program from scratch and it is a little frustrating at times. But I know it is good experience.

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