Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Missed Anniversary

I just realized today that I neglected to celebrate a milestone last month. February 12th was the second anniversary of my licensure as an architect. Time certainly flies...

I still question whether I would be qualified to work out on my own, but that has as much to do with my limited business knowledge as not being a great detailer.

On the knitting front - the orange cabled vest was trying to kick my butt...but I won in the end. I think it is the most mistakes I've ever made on a project - the most I've ever had to unknit and reknit in one item. Although I find I'm making lots of little mistakes while working on my gray, alpaca socks, so maybe I am just not paying enough attention in general. Maybe my brain is looking for some plain garter or stockinette for a bit.

The back and front of the vest are done, and the shoulders are knitted together. I still need to weave in ends, sew up the side seams and then knit around the neck and armholes. Still some work to go, but I feel like I've passed a major obstacle on this one.

I should be starting the heel of a grey sock tomorrow and I need to work on the baby cardigan since it is now March and the baby is due in April!

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