Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yesterday, R was forced to listen to me talk knitting quite a bit. He seemed to have survived, which is a plus for both of us I think. :-)

At the end of our gym visit, I was working on a sock in the waiting area. (The striped trekking sock) And I was peppered with questions from a woman who was also on her way out. I tried to help as best I could, and in the end I suggested she go for lessons at the shop I went to earlier in the week. Sounds like she made a hat and purse in a class, but that too much was done by the teacher. She asked easy questions, but seemed impressed by my knowledge.

Then we met up with some friends at our local coffee shop. We haven't seen them in a while and they are trying to find an apartment to rent in our neighborhood. Turns out that the female of the pair has taken up knitting. :-) We managed to talk about yarn and patterns for a while before R changed the subject to languages. It sounds like she's not afraid of a challenge, which was refreshing, so I will try to include her in future GTGers if possible.

Lastly, while we were at the shop, a woman came up to ask me what I was knitting (I was still working on the sock, turning the heel) and she was amazed at my tiny size 1 needles and the whole working in the round concept. She wants to make a hat and has had trouble getting the circular thing working. So she gave me her email, and at some point I'll meet up with her to help out. She also mentioned that she has a group of 7-8 ladies who have met once or twice to knit and were talking about moving the GTG to the coffee shop. At which point I mentioned that through the neighborhood list a friend had found a similar sized group interested in the same thing. So we'll see if we can get all of these people connected and set up a neighborhood knitting group.

(I have no problem having two knitting groups. Sometimes once a month is just not enough. Besides, the neighborhood one would be more convenient than my existing one that can potentially be all over the city...)

It's amazing was a little public knitting can do.

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