Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The orange cabled vest

So I realized that there is one knitting aspect of this past weekend that I didn't mention. While R and I watched HP3, I finally wove in the ends and sewed the sides together of the vest. In the past, I've finished an item of clothing right before bed and tried it on...only to find a major problem, which keeps my brain awake for a while. I've learned my lesson. :-)

So I tried it on Sunday afternoon. It's too big now.


I think I know what I did. In addition to adding cables repeats (4, because it is symmetrical around the center) I also changed 6 cables columns to a cable that lies flatter than the twisted cable. I think if I would have done one or the other of these things, it would fit...but both was too much.

Really, it isn't horrible. I could wear it as it is. But it is just not as fitted as I would like. And someday, when I lose weight, I would be swimming in it.

So I'm going to try a steeking operation. I'm going to sew up the sides to "delete" two cable columns and once I've "reinforced" that seam, I'll be able to cut out the extra fabric. Not the best use of the yarn, but there is no way that I'm knitting the whole thing again. I can't do it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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