Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Exercising, waiting, socks and Dulaan

The past three weeks R and I have made it to the gym three times. I think the last time I had a record that good was January 2005. This week is a little tricky and busy for us both, so though I will aim for three trips, I will be happy with two. Work comes first and Friday night is a sad night to go to the gym. It's nice because it isn't busy, but it just feels sad somehow. And with possible social plans on Friday night, it would make it sadder to be at the gym if we could be hanging out with friends instead.

On March 10th, I placed a small order with Joann.com. It shipped that evening. And according to the tracking page, it arrived in a local zip code on the 15th. I still don't have the package... I realize that standard shipping is 7-12 business days and that this is business day 7, but it is still rather annoying to know it is so close but not in my hands yet. I guess I now understand the downside of free shipping from joann.com.

I started the second trekking sock last night. I'm really happy with the striping and the fit. These will not be my last pair of trekking socks!

I was inspired by knitting blogger Norma and decided to spend Friday night doing charity knitting. I made a red and white hat using Ken's Dulaan Hat pattern and started a blue hat using Norma's pattern . I finished the blue hat before the weekend was out - knitting a few rows here and there, and finishing it during Sunday evening's watching of some of the HP3 DVD extras. Lion Brand Homespun seemed well-suited for these patterns, especially the double thick hat. With partial skeins of various colors in my stash, I think the Homespun will be my primary charity knitting yarn for a while - more hats and more afghan squares. I have already decided that the next hat will be another Ken pattern, but stranded to make it thicker and warmer.

For those not familiar, the hats will be donated to the Dulaan Project once I get a few more done. I'm trying to come up with a good way to inspire some local knitters to make a few things, too...

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Capolan said...

Hi Amy -

I just found your blog by reading your comment today (3.21.06) on the Yarn Harlot's website.

You mentioned a friend who has a colicky baby and I thought I'd pass along this. I also had a friend with a severely colicky baby (to the point where she wouldn't eat and was fast losing weight) and my friend switched her over to soy milk. Immediately, the colic calmed down, the baby is fine and sleeping through the night AND gaining weight. Seems the child was lactose-intolerant!

I know everyone is full of advice when it comes to babies and children; I'm just passing this on - maybe it will have an effect, maybe not. I hope your friend's child gets better!