Monday, March 20, 2006


Lately I've been pretty resistant to getting into new shows. I think this is for two reasons. Number 1 - a few years ago I found myself watching (what I considered to be) WAY too much TV. I had at least one show every night and a few nights with several, and with all of the taping and everything, it was just out of hand. Number 2 - most of the networks tend to give shows a couple of months, and if they don't do well they are gone. Yes, there are a few exceptions to this when shows get some critical acclaim (e.g. Arrested Development, The Office), but I'm just not interested in spending the time getting interested in a show to have the network pull it away from me. I've been burned in the past (e.g. Brooklyn Bridge, Homefront, Firefly).

I purposefully resisted the three hot shows on ABC right now. Admittedly, R and I have started watching LOST here and there, and it seems possible that we'll rent the first season this summer to see what we missed. But I'm still resisting Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I'm not really sure why, especially for DH because I love Teri Hatcher. I think part of it is that Grey's conflicts with Crossing Jordan and if I watched DH I'd have 3 solid hours of TV watching on Sunday night. Maybe once The West Wing is gone next season I'll give DH a chance.

And West Wing's impending series finale is what is making me think about TV for next season. Last season I lost Judging Amy, this season CSI: Miami has been super annoying, and I also stopped taping CSI: New York and Without a Trace. Leaving my only "tape-worthy" show for next season as CSI, although I've been enjoying "How I Met your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men" enough that I will probably start taping them.

Still, even if I start taping CSI: New York again, that's only 3 hours a week. Nothing to be ashamed of. But add in the 5 hours that R tapes, and things are getting dicey. I realize that I'm totally over thinking this...but that's what I do. :-) Besides, TV time is knitting time, so I'm not going to be a "fool" and give up TV totally. I just want to prevent myself from getting sucked in too far, to the point where I have to spend all of my free weekend time catching up on my TV from the week.

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