Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A real knitting update

For once I am going to post about knitting with photos. Don't faint, this probably won't happen all the time. Mostly because it is hard to talk good knitting photos without sun...which I only get to see at home on weekends. So the photography is a little annoying. Although the photos turned out better than I thought from looking at the viewfinder.

First, a finished object. The grey alpaca socks in the River Rapid pattern from sockbug. The close-up is blurry, sorry. I'll try to get a sunny picture this weekend.

Next, the progress on the famous orange cabled vest. Initially based on the Veste Everest from IK, but gauge and cables changed to protect the innocent...and to keep my interested. :-)

Third, the progress on the baby cardigan. The dark purple is the sleeves, the big lavender piece is the back and the smaller lavender piece is the left front. You can see on the back piece how I messed up - the arm decreases are on the opposite side from the neck decreases. I realized this when I was nearly finished with the back. So those are decreases are going to become side slits. :-)

And lastly, the pink pullover from Vogue Knitting (Fall 05 I think). The stitch holders and circular needle make it hard to see the overall shape, but the important part of this is the band of ribbing that goes below the chest. From holding it up to myself, I think it will hit the right spot.

Not exactly the yarn harlot...but it's a start!

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