Monday, March 06, 2006


I've been drawing in 3D all day, so I think it's a good day for a list. Don't feel like putting paragraphs together with coherent transitions (assuming that this is something I usually accomplish).

1) I'm proud of R and I. We went to the gym three times last week, and I was able to build up enough weight and sets on the weight machines that my arms are sore today. My legs are even a little sore from the cardio. I unfortunately have a lot of Thursday things in March. Hopefully that won't impede our good progress.

2) I haven't touched the orange vest since last Sunday. I was going to start weaving in ends during the Oscars, but putting away the laundry and washing "hand wash" things took too long. But we're caught up on dishes and laundry (one last load to put away), so a few more delicate things to wash in the sink and the piles can start accumulating again.

3) I watched the Oscars, as I always do. I thought that Jon Stewart did a good job, but the audience seemed totally dead. There were several times that I laughed and the audience didn't. Don't know if they had something against a TV personality or if too few of them had a cocktail in the limo.

4) I liked more Oscar dresses than usual and I thought the set was very nice. I was glad that Reese and Ang won, and I'm pleased that three "Memoirs of a Geisha" designers won - 'cause Rob Marshall is from Pittsburgh and I can only hope he'll make more musicals if he gets the chance. Although really all that the studios care about is income, so inspiring Oscar winning work in his designers is probably not sufficient for the studios to give him more trust.

5) I finished the back of the baby cardigan and started the left front. I made a mistake I don't want to rip out back at the first armhole of the back and I'm still deciding where I'm going to add the dark purple this thing is being reworked as I go. Should be interesting. :-)

6) Stewart is back on his kick of sleeping as close to my head as he can. I don't actually wake when he gets there, but I wake up when my body is in need of a different position and I can't move a shoulder and arm. I can't stress enough how adorable he is...but my sleep is important to me, and each time Effie has been nearby, so there hasn't be a place to move him to really. My first attempt is to try to change my position without making him move too far, but this usually means that I get my shoulder out, but my arm remains pinned. Saturday and/or Sunday I managed to dose in position #2, but it wasn't a long-term solution.
The funniest was this morning. I moved into a new position, and Stewart took this to mean that he could find a new position for himself, too. He then draped himself across my neck, like a big furry necklace. I appreciate that he wants to be close, but there was no way that was going to work! I was less patient this morning, since it was a workday and once Effie hissed at him he just decided to leave. We've been playing with him more lately, so I'm wondering if that is why he seems to be sleeping with us longer at night...

7) One minor coworker vent. I'm happy to help with a project, but when I tell you that I need x, y and z before I can begin and a week passes without you giving me any of those things, you really shouldn't be surprised that I haven't made any progress on the project a week later. Duh.

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