Friday, March 31, 2006

I'll need a new morning routine

I just found out that the coffee shop in my building is closing next week. This is the most-conveniently located (duh) non-Starbucks place where I can get tea, chai, flavored coffee or a latte - depending on my mood and craving.

There is a deli where I can get flavored coffee, and they might have tea. There is a bagel place where I can get chai. And there is an out-of-my-way-more-than-Starbucks place where I can get chai and latte, and maybe tea.

At least I had the most convenient place during the coldest part of winter.

In other news...

1 - I just found out that I'm getting a new computer at work in the next couple of weeks! Woohoo! That should mean that I will *finally* have a copy of Photoshop at my desk and I'll be able to run the new 3D drawing program without crashes!

2 - I'm 4 repeats into the straight section of Clapotis. It's a nice pattern. I wish I would have purled the drop stitches instead of using markers. But I am afraid to change to that technique now since I know I purl looser than I knit. Dropping columns of stitches is fun. :-)

3 - I've started a pair of socks with the Cherry Tree Hill superwash merino I bought in OH last week. Lovely stuff so far. I'm trying to make a pair of socks like the ones that Grumperina posted a picture of on her blog (the berry colored ones). She hasn't posted the pattern yet, so I'm making it up based on how I think she made them. So far I like them, so even if the pattern is a little different, it's getting the right idea across.

4 - I might give up on the bamboo yarn I have for socks. It's *very* splitty and doesn't have a lot of give (like cotton). So starting from the toe up was aggravating and I get annoyed when I look three rows back and see a tiny ply sticking out. I think this yarn is likely to become a spring scarf. Maybe a lighter neck warmer for the office to battle the AC.

5 - I have a vague notion of wanting to wear the orange cabled vest for the Yarn Harlot's visit. Must work on it this weekend if that is going to happen. Maybe I'll start by doing the neckline, since that won't change from the alterations to be done to the sides.

6 - I'm still tired, but I'm getting through okay. I ordered curtains the other day, which gave me as much pep as half a cup of coffee. :-) They are for the foyer, kitchen and dining room. So the first and second floor will be fully curtained, except for the bathroom, which I am still debating.

7 - I'm hosting the next knitting GTG. There are a few things I'd like to get done between now and then, so I need to find some motivation this weekend if any of it is going to happen. I'm not going to list those things, because I don't need the pressure. At the very least, we need to rehang the door to our bedroom, but I'm not committing to anything more than that!

There is probably more, but it's not coming to me. 6 1/2 hours until the weekend, when I can go out and enjoy this really nice weather for a little bit! (Although it might be stormy by the time I'm done with work...)

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LisaBe said...

oh, you're *that* amy! i've been reading your blog forever, and never put that together! shame on me. how funny! what coffee shop is closing?? puh!