Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A hat in a day

I cast on a hat yesterday with the leftovers from the baby cardigan. At lunchtime I decided to check to see if it would be big enough, and the answer was no. (gotta love google) So I frogged and cast on with 40 more stitches and knit one row before lunch was over. I worked on it on the bus and when I got home Nora insisted on keeping my lap warm so I kept going. By the time Nora left I was close enough to finishing (and any motivation I had previously had for doing anything else was gone) that I just kept going. Even with a little frogging as I worked out how I wanted the top of the hat to look and how best to use my limited yarn resources...I finished the hat by 10:50.

Will have to force myself to do something productive when I get home from the knitting class tonight, or the busy week might see us run out of dishes or run out of time to clean the house for our company on Sunday.

Speaking of the knitting class, is it time to go yet?! I can't wait! :-)

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