Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gaaah! Too big...

I'm working on ribbon X-back, seen here:

I'm about 9" up from the bottom and I decided to try it on. Well, it was supposed to be 35" around and it turned out at 39" around - I must have messed up the gauge when I measured it.

So I just decreased 14 stitches evenly around, and that *should* take me back to 35". I've only been working on the tank a little over a week and I think that will solve my problem because I can certainly use the extra ease around my hips. We will see how it goes.

Since I'm using a different gauge than the pattern calls for I have to do lots of math when I get to the straps. I either have to get the math done before my knitting get together this weekend or work on something else. I can't do math and gossip at the same time. :-)

On the cat front, we got an email today from the woman who we adopted out cat Stewart from. Her name is Rachel, and she had to give Stewart up because of allergies. The timing worked perfectly for us, as we were looking for a new young cat that hadn't been in a shelter or been an outdoor cat. (We have a 16 year old cat who we didn't want to expose to an viral infections or other illnesses.)

Anyway, Rachel is finally ready to visit Stewart in his new home. I think the first few weeks were pretty tough for her (I can't blame her!) and she is now ready to come see how he has settled in here. Currently Stewart is napping in the window, so I think he has settled in well. :-)

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