Friday, July 29, 2005

Trip is booked!

I'm just relaxed thinking about the trip we're taking in September. Lovely beaches. Blue water. A private cottage with an outdoor shower. Snorkeling right from our resort. Look out St. Lucia, here we come! I can't wait to knit on the beach, and to get our in-room couples massage!

Even before that we have a camping trip and a road trip to Toledo & Detroit planned. There is a wedding of a family friend in Toledo, and once we are there, my parents place is only an hour and a half we'll spend the rest of the weekend with them. We haven't been there since last August, so we are due for a visit. And Mom has found a great yarn store up there that I am anxious to experience.

The weird part about camping is that it looks like it will just be the two of us. Tom will be away on vacation, Janice has to work and Erin has talked about coming, but we don't really believe that she will be there until she shows up. :-) We might try to go back for a shorter weekend in September, if we can find a weekend that other can join us. We are going back to the same place as always. I've heard comments about other state parks from my friend Annie...but it has been such a busy summer it was easier to go to a known location than to try out a new place. Maybe next summer we'll experience a new park for camping.

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