Monday, July 18, 2005

So far the name was the hardest part...

Deciding to create a blog was pretty easy, and so was the initial setup...except for choosing a name. I fell asleep thinking about it last night, I asked a bunch of online friends for suggestions and then I looked through the names of all of the soundtracks I own (in my iPod).

I considered fairly "obvious" names like Amy the Architect or Wicked Knitter...but I decided that I didn't want the name of the blog to represent what I do, but rather what I think. All of the things that I do are important to me, but I don't want this to be a knitting blog, or an architect blog or a theater blog or a pittsburgh should have elements of all of those things.

So seeing the title of the musical "Passion" sent me on a tangent of thought that led to this title. The commencement speech that I wrote (but didn't get to give) was spawned from a quote by Le Corbusier (not my favorite architect, but I love the quote).

"Passion can create drama out of inert stone"

Love that.

So, the blog name is a bit different...but it comes from the idea that I, as a designer/knitter/painter/architect/etc., can become passionate about yarn, bricks, paint, etc and transform them into something more than they were to begin with...into art.

The fact that it has the name of one my favorite shows in it isn't half bad either. I was really trying to get a name with "Wicked" in it, but the only one that had a nice ring to it was "Wicked Knitter", and that was a little too specific.

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