Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Really, really dumb

On Sunday night, I took the first half of the photos for the highland park house tour. I stayed mostly in the flat part of the neighborhood, the sun was behind the overcast sky and I only took about an hour. On Monday night, I went out to take the second half of the photos, which involved walking through the hilly part of the neighborhood. I was out for about 90 minutes and there were a few taxing hills, but I seemed to deal with it okay, even in 85 degree muggy weather.

The problem came when I didn't take care of myself when I got home. I should have taken a cooling shower and had plenty of water to drink. I didn't. I became dehydrated and was up all night sipping water and waiting for my body to get back to normal. Fun fun.

So no work today. In fact, other than sleeping, knitting, resting and watching TV/DVDs I didn't do much. But now I've seen most of the extras on the Beauty and the Beast DVD, so I guess that is an accomplishment. :-)

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