Thursday, July 28, 2005

Still a secret

So this blog isn't a secret, really. But I also haven't told anyone about it. Take that any way you want...

Not a lot of progress on the knitting front. I expected to get a couple of hours done yesterday during a work trip to Ohio, but my traveling companion was extremely tired so I did all but one hour of the five hours of driving. I think I got three or four rows of the blanket done. And it has definitely reached the point where it is too big for the bus.

I'm nearly done with my first bib. I'm using leftover green cotton, and I created a big diamond in the middle of it by doing a garter edge and stockinette where I wanted the diamond. The stockinette is a little loose, but I think it will tighten up a bit with washing. I'm working on the strap, which should go pretty quickly...although I might run out of green before it is long enough. My mind is full of lots of possible variations - so I see these bibs as a good alternative to knitting lots of dishcloths.

I haven't finished frogging Ribbon X-back yet. I've tried to measure gauge about 10 times and I'm not sure I'm getting a real more math is in my future for that one. I either need to work on the math for that or clean the house after work tonight. We will see what wins. :-)

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