Monday, October 24, 2005


There is nothing like spending all of Friday evening on the couch with your husband, your kitties and your knitting. Especially when knitting cute baby clothes that come together in no time and when a formerly misbehaving kitty is the only purring in your lap. Looking forward to posting some pictures after the baby presents have been given!

I made two cakes this weekend for the house tour thank you party. I haven't used the kitchen aid stand mixer that we got as a wedding present nearly enough - it totally rocks for making cake batter! No standing there with the hand mixer for 4-5 minutes trying to get a nice even batter. Just move the lever, and then go start cleaning up or preparing the pan.

I also used the art deco bundt cake pan that we (really, I) registered for at Williams-Sonoma. It make the cake look very impressive, and the cake popped right out when I turned it over. I do enjoy baking and cooking - moreso when I have a day like Saturday when there was nothing else I had to do really.

No real excitement to report otherwise. The party was nice on Saturday. Nora insisted on sleeping in my lap for most of Sunday afternoon - so I oraganized the files on my laptop until I couldn't take it anymore and had to go get my knitting. She returned to my lap within ten minutes of sitting back I probably should have gone up for my knitting sooner. :-)

Oh, and I made meat sauce last night that Rudy really enjoyed. So here is a note to myself about what I threw together:
Ground Beef, Basil, Salt, Pepper, Mom's Pasta Sauce - Special Marinara flavor

He hasn't enthusiastically commented on anything I've made in a it is good to keep track of what gets rave reviews...

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