Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A few updates

Exercise: I walked every day at lunchtime last week except thursday (I had zero motivation that day...) and both days so far this week. Saturday we went to the mall, so I think I came close to the requisite number of steps then, too. Sunday there wasn't any official walking, but it did seem like I went up and down the steps many, many times while straightening up the house. Last night I went to the gym, too. :-)

Knitting: Another purse is ready to be felted and I'm more than halfway done with my first knitted bear. It seems to be going well, although a friend made a disaster of a bear, so I'm not going to be confident until he's closer to being finished.

Reading: I started Harry Potter #6 last night. The danger is that I have trouble putting it down once I we'll see how much else I can get done until it is finished.

Homecoming: Plans seem to be well-established for the S'n'S events at Homecoming this year. Still a few issues to work out, but since we're just playing a tape of the award presentation, I don't have any VIPs to take care of. There is still much I would like to do with S'n'S alumni that I haven't...but I'm not sure that I'm ever going to find the time to make it happen without support from fellow alumni. Steven and I are committed to seeing the award continue, but beyond that I'm not making any promises. I'm tired of being disappointed by everyone else.

Highland Park House Tour: One meeting left to summarize the tour, make lists of what worked and what we would have done differently, and to plan the party! Then freedom!

Halloween: Rudy and I might actually be dressing up this year...imagine that!

Food: We bought pork tenderloin with apple and raisin stuffing at Whole Foods on Monday night - YUM! And, I plan to make my first ever brisket this week. The family recipe (one of the few passed down on my mom's side) is pretty straightfoward, so I expect to get the usual yummy results.

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Rudy said...

I'm still waiting to see some progress on constructing those costumes :-)