Friday, October 14, 2005

So cheap they wrinkle...

Warning - "girly topic"

In the past I have generally purchased all of my panty hose from Victoria's Secret. While this may seem excessive, they are extremely good quality and only a few dollars more per pair than the options at the department stores.

In a recent attempt to be frugal (and avoid the temptations of shopping in Shadyside), I've purchased my panty hose from Kaufmann's and CVS. The ones from CVS are *extremely* cheap - they are so stiff (and plastic-y) that when I pulled the last pair (thank goodness) out of the drawer this morning it was actually wrinkled! *shiver* I am praying for a runner today so I can throw them in the trash tonight. Or I might throw them away anyway.

The ones from Kaufmann's are okay, but half of them have gotten runners on their second wearing. Not a great track record, and if that pace continues I will soon have no viable options left.

I will be returning to Victoria's Secret to buy panty hose at my next opportunity.

End "girly topic"

(I tried to use the geeky html symbols to represent the beginning and end of the "girly topic", but everything written between the carrot parentheses didn't show up in the post...)

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