Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's over

Similar to a wedding, the last week before a large planned public event is full of lots of phone calls, last minute details and craziness. Also, much distraction during the work day, so no blogging when I needed to be working...

The tour went well. We're still working on the final count of attendees, but it's probably 750-800 plus the 90 volunteers and 10 homeowners families. It was a long, busy day. My cell phone ended up being the "information line" for the day, so I gave directions to the church about 40 times and answered lots of other questions.

I was at the King Estate most of the day. I left for an hour in the early afternoon to see about half of the other homes - very quickly. Otherwise, I was there until 5:45 when I went to the church to help with ticket clean-up. There were a few issues with the volunteer shift change and at the worst point (other than a few groups who were accidently skipped) the wait was about 45 minutes to get in. I only dealt with one upset person and some other grumbly ones. We did our best to make people happy and I think we did a good job with a difficult house.

And I'm very happy it is over.

Today I've started some new knitting projects, felted the kitty bed and a purse, did some other laundry and watched Sense and Sensibility (twice, once with commentary and once without). Rudy went to see "Serenity" a second time tonight. I needed some more down time this evening, but if he goes for a third time, I'll probably join him.

We saw it for the first time on Friday night. It was a bit more violent than "Firefly", but still very enjoyable and with the same feel as the original. It introduced the characters with new scenes and got right to the action.

There is probably more to tell, but the West Wing is on and I want to get back to my knitting. :-)

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