Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Knitting to Appease Crankiness

At the moment I have officially run out of things to do at work. This makes me cranky. The person who can assign me something else to do is at lunch. So it seemed like the right time to take my lunch, too. Don't misunderstand, there is a lot of work to be done sitting around on my desk. But it is all for projects that are currently on hold. Meaning that I can't even work on them for a few minutes because we can't bill the client for them right now. I really enjoy my job, but it is rather annoying to have lots of work that I *can't* do and *no* work that I can do. So I will distract myself with photos of my knitting, and then spend the rest of my lunchtime working on the second cherry hill sock (the foot of the first is done).

First, here are the Mexian socks. I call them that because the majority of them were knitted on the beach in Mexico and on the plane to and from Mexico. The fact that they were finished in Bradford, PA is not important. The most enjoyable story about them is that while working on them on the flight to Cancun, I dropped a dpn...during takeoff...and we were in the last row. :-P With a little help from the nice man sitting on the aisle, the dpn was rescued and a near tragedy was averted...

The cable pattern on the socks was designed by me, and maybe someday I'll write it down for others (this would be one of my major failings as an aspiring knitwear designer). I used #2 bamboo dpns and they are knit with Wildfoote by Brown Sheep.


For some reasons my pictures aren't loading, even though I'm doing the same thing I did at home last night. And someone just brought me work to do. Guess the knitting photos will have to wait until later...

p.s. Click on ShadesofK's blog and wish her a Happy 30th Birthday! ;-)

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