Tuesday, April 25, 2006


There is a lot to post, but I only have a minute right now.

I just want to share my enjoyment of the fact that the Reds have the third best record in MLB right now! Woot!

I initially found it annoying, but now I find that I like the fact that when you go to reds.com it automatically loads a little highlight reel of the previous game. It's nice for those of us who don't get to see games very often.

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Rich Y. said...

in contrast, i don't like the in-your-face multimedia of mlb.com. i just wanna read... let me start videos if i so choose. at minimum, in-your-face multimedia should be a configurable option.

but hey, when it's been as long as it been for reds fans to be excited about something, maybe you just can't get enough.

speaking of baseball, didja see the boston/fenway pics? it's been way too long since i've hung out with that many CMU folk at once...