Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ready to leave

I'm "helping" the most aggravating person in our office. He has no idea how to delegate work to people unfamiliar with his project or in a way that doesn't require said person to spend an hour trying to figure out what it is they are supposed to do or track down all of the information that they really need before they can do the task. He didn't even tell me that he is expecting the project to go to print on Monday. Oh, and he's not in the office today.

Seriously, it makes me want to just walk out the door. I really like my job normally, but this kind of cr*p makes me just count the hours until I can leave. It's sad really.

Please let today go quickly. Mom and Dad should be on their way and there will be much knitting tonight and yarn shopping tomorrow.

In other news, Annie was pretty good on Tuesday night. My favorite scene was the orphans doing to "You're Never Fully Dressed..." and I liked the overall focus on the political statement that the show has to make. It seemed a little slow at times (probably just opening night tiredness) and the girl playing Annie did a better job with the belting songs than the soulful songs like "Maybe". Sandy did a great job (a much easier role than in the movie) and Sandy's real name is Lola. :-)

Last night some coworkers and I painted windows at Children's Hospital. We chose images from Dr. Seuss books and it went pretty well. Unfortunately, we had to clean the windows off first (we were told there wouldn't be any prep work), so we started later than expected. Other than being tired, it was a good time as usual, and it is definitely an appreciated service.

More soon...

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