Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Painting and the Hat Frenzy

I am painting the set for a show that opens on May 5th. I'm not concerned about getting it done in the time allotted. I've laid out a schedule that *should* get it finished by Monday evening - spending a few hours there each night after work.

Recently, this project has been one of several things causing much uncertainty in my schedule. It took a while to pin down when I could start and when I could work around the rehearsal schedule. I still have never had a phone conversation with the stage manager - we've just played phone tag.

Things at work are similar. I don't know what I will be working on this coming Friday. I have work for today and I'm hoping to attend seminars all day tomorrow. And then, who knows. I'd like to take a day or two off in May to do some stuff around the house, but it is very hard to plan ahead when I don't know what deadlines might lurk in my future. (and being shuffled from project to project generally means that I'm starting soon before a deadline)

"Hat Frenzy" is in the title because I'm working on my fifth knitted hat since the day after Easter. I like the quick turnaround time, the fact that I can play with fair isle and cable motifs without having to plan ahead very much and the good feeling I'm getting from making something for charity. We'll see how much longer the frenzy lasts.

And I'll add that Arroyo is now 4-0 and the Reds have more than twice as many wins as losses. I might become annoying blogging baseball fan if things continue like this!

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Rich Y. said...

watched the highlight reel; bronson was downright filthy this afternoon.