Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Friday

I can't really complain about today - things seem to be positive. I thought I was going to have trouble getting up, but then Stewart came to see me. (Granted, I didn't get up in time for the express bus, but I got up after spending some time with a purring cat and I made it to work on time...)

On my walk to the bus, I noticed a bird sitting on a wire directly over the sidewalk. So I walked down the left side of the sidewalk and as I passed the bird pooped. I guess I dodged a bullet on that one - glad I was paying attention!

Once again, I was looking for work at work this morning. I'm pleased to report that I was put on a job in design development - which means there will actually be time to really get *into* the job and it might last long enough that by the time its over my "on hold" projects will be ready to go. (or at least close to going) I'm also getting to work with a project manager that I haven't worked with yet. One that I was hoping to work with at some point. And I got my choice of what to start with, so here I go on the stairs - yay!

As far as the theater goes, I would consider myself on (or ahead of schedule), since I was able to start Saturday's project last night. There is one thing on my list that I had hoped to do before Saturday, but you can't paint something that isn't built yet, and there is plenty of leeway in my schedule for the weekend. If all goes as planned (and the TD builds everything he's supposed to tomorrow), I expect to be done Sunday evening.

R is on vacation next week, and I'm thinking about taking a day off to work on the house sometime soon. I hope to have enough downtime this weekend that I can think about projects that I could easily complete and come up with a doable plan for starting on the third floor. We can't really do anything else "big" (not really big, but big for us) until we make the third floor more occupiable.

Hat knitting continues - though I got replacement yarn for the fair isle bag, so I might frog and restart that this weekend. It's small enough to be a decent bus project if I can't find more stash yarn to inspire more hats. That's assuming I have time to knit outside of theater time and the time it will take to catch us up on dishes and laundry again.

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