Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ready for my nap

Seriously, I've been tired all week and dragging every morning, and I don't really understand why. I could have gone to the gym Tuesday or Wednesday, but I felt like I was too tired. Last week I got up before 6:30 almost every day and this week I have to drag myself up at 7:15. Is this just backlash for getting up last week or what?

Tomorrow I *have* to make the express bus in order to have any chance to get to my 5pm meeting on time. I'm painting the set for a show that opens at the beginning of May. My meeting is with the director to choose colors and understand the whole scope of the set. I'm planning to get started with the painting on Saturday afternoon and then go evenings next week (the one actor in the show is equity, so they are rehearsing while I'm at work - yeah!).

Don't think I talked about the weekend yet - we had a nice visit with my parents and we saw R's family for Easter dinner. The weather has been extremely nice recently. On Saturday, all four of us spent most of the afternoon on the porch and on Easter the grown-ups stood around outside while the kids (who were there) looked for plastic Easter eggs hidden around the yard.

I got the first floor curtains hung last week (no photos yet). Now that the living room curtains (which I made, but are unfinished) are on a smaller rod I don't know that they need a tieback anymore. I think I'm better off making a valance to hide the rod and make the window look more "finished" when the curtains are open. I think the window is too wide for the tiebacks I was planning to make.

We will see if I get the sewing machine out this weekend.

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