Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Celebrating a decade with tuna

The only reason that Nora (or any of our cats) care that today is the day that I celebrate Nora's 10th birthday is because they will get tuna tonight. Honestly, we don't know the real birthday of any of our cats - although Nora's is the one we are closest to knowing. The woman I got Nora from knew that the litter was born in late April or early May - so today's date is not exact, but it is close.

Because it would be difficult in a number of ways to give tuna to one cat and not the other two, last year we decided that all of the cats can celebrate Nora's big day. But it also means that Nora's is the only birthday that is "celebrated". Last year they were all pretty adorable - clearly demonstrating that the tuna is better than the wet canned food. Once the food was put down, all you could hear for several minutes was the clanging of ID tags against the pyrex bowls. And when the cats finished licking every drop and morsel from their bowl, they checked the bowls of the other cats for any scraps that might have been left behind.

Stewart turned 2 sometime in March and Effie will probably be 17 (or around there) later this year. Stewart is not overly interested in food, he would much rather be pet or played with, but even he is part of the herd of kitties that follow my every step when I make myself a tuna sandwich. So I think he will enjoy tonight's festivities, too.

Knitting - I've made two or three more hats since my last posting about them...although the last couple still need to have their ends woven in. Since I was at the theater every day last week (Monday through Sunday) there hasn't been time to plan my next couple of projects or interest in working on the sleeves for the pink pullover. I need to make the house a little less messy before I can devote time to project planning and stash diving. ;-)

Reds - They are in first place and Arroyo pitched a complete game last night. Overall, the pitching has been impressive this year (not just Arroyo - Harang, Clausen, etc) and the offense has been the kind of offense we've been expecting for years, and on top of that Griffey will be back in the lineup soon. I'm looking forward to the games at PNC Park in mid-May. The Reds are wrapping up two series with their main division rivals and the worst they can end up after today is tied for first... Also, I plan to sign up online for the chance at All-Star tickets. My chances are probably pretty low, but I will at least try. I'm not willing to pay thousands of dollars for tickets on eBay.

Books - I really like Big Girl Knits from Amy R. Singer and Jillian Moreno. By their definition I'm just on the borderline to be a "big girl" because I think some of the sizing is too big for me...but it doesn't matter. This book has great guidelines for how to measure yourself, how to get handknits to fit and how to add shaping to get any piece of knitwear to fit *your* body. Besides, I have two of the three "Bs" and their guidelines for fit for each of the three "Bs" are excellent. (For example, I never considered that I shouldn't carry a tiny purse or bag, because it just makes me (and my arms) look bigger!) This is a great book for any woman who wants to make knitwear that fits properly on her curves, no matter what size she wears! (For the non-knitters who are curious, the 3 "Bs" are Boobs, Belly and Butt)

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Happy birthday to Nora!