Friday, May 26, 2006


Since R had plans last night, I decided to use my first free evening in a while to go to my LYS and try to solve me problem. The one I went to is much larger than the one downtown, and I figured it would have a better selection to choose from.

I was right. There were actually a number of machine washable options that came in the two colors I was looking for. Even Baby Ull, but I really wanted a yarn bigger than DK weight.

I settled on Cascade Sierra - a 80% cotton/20% wool blend. The label claims that it should be handwashed, but I see no reason for that. There is less wool that the Plymouth Encore that I had planned to use.

I walked a significant part of the way home. The weather was nice, it was light out and although I was not wearing the best shoes for a 75 minute urban walk, it felt good to stretch my legs.

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